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Architectural Drawing Portfolio

Craftsman Foursquare Style

Craftsman Foursquare is a simple design shaped by a square. The simplicity of these types of houses accommodate in the first floor, from front to back, on one side, the living room and dining room; while on the other side, the entry room or foyer, stairway and kitchen. Sometimes a bathroom was also included. Second floor, front to back, on one side, bedroom, bathroom and bedroom; while on the other side, bedroom, stairway and bedroom.

Prairie Style
I found this style fascinating for its strong accent on horizontal lines using in the design. Prairie style prioritizes open interior spaces, and merging architecture with nature.

Prairie style

The use of natural materials such as stone and wood strengthen the union of house and land.

The powerful view of the nature allow the design control space removing a visual limitation between the outside and the inside. People could feel in home and nature.

The anchor space between the inside and outside is a piece of art.

More functional example, a fire place is never a bad idea in a room. The selection of the lighting in this wrong automatically separate the outside from the inside in a way. The windows still allow a connection, but the lighting create a mental separation of two different climates.

Shower and tub give this bath fully functionality. The tiles own the floor and wall characterize this bath in elegance.

The extra space in the tub makes anybody to see this picture jump on it. The windows and rooms are shaped to the the tub. The position of this bath in the house is important, so all this light coming through the window is possible.

Shelving, tub, water access, and towel holder are strategic positioned to give this bath a life.

Not a lot of element used in this bath, so the space from inside merge with the outside. The element used ,such as lights, are integrated to the ceiling and do not stick out. The floating cabinet is a great addition too.

Perfect arrangement of toilet shower, sink, and storage space make this bath compact but very functional.

Kitchen and dinning connected it with this beautiful natural canvas. This space achieved not create it division between living room, dinning room, and kitchen. It creates a union in harmony.

The use of high ceiling makes a strong focus on the dinning table. This space is made to have dinner and have fun without worrying about anything else.

The roof of this living space connecting with the house but not having enclosure create a feeling of a bigger space. The elevation of the floor make this area important, higher than the surroundings. This is a complete outside living area sofa, chair and a outside dinning table.

Space shaped by this arcs and materials use for the construction create a experience.

Outside living space divided by elevation and connecting with nature.

A kitchen without cabinets brings a concept of organization to this space.

Small corridor functional kitchen and dinning room taking advantage of the limit of space.

Drawers dividers are a nice feature to help have a neat kitchen having everything on place. Also having a flat range is a nice feature because easier to clean than a burners sticking out.

My dream house would be Adobe Style. For instance, the picture shows 300 plus Year-Old House Renovation in Tel Aviv, Israel. The same structure once somebody design and constructed is being reuse which I think is good to for the environment in consuming less space.

300 years old house doesn’t mean it can not have functionality. The desk is a perfect addition to join the modern world.

The modern interior joining in harmony with the exterior. In my opinion, the use of glass in this picture created a territory between the inside and outside. Clearly anyone can see different the exterior and interior, but everything is one space, one territory, one area.

Anchor spaces joining different materials.

Spaces shapes by the material of the building like this one are enjoyable to see. The chandelier and the location of the dinning table centralized where the circulation of people will stop.